Why join NAWBO?

Be heard. Be visible. Be connected.
Whether you have just started your business, have grown it into a multi-million dollar corporation, or are somewhere in between, it's time for you to take the next step by joining NAWBO.  No matter where you are in the evolution of your business, NAWBO will help you reach the next level of success.

As a NAWBO member, you will receive a variety of both national and local benefits and services to help you professionally and personally such as:

  • Local opportunities to spotlight your business including Member Spotlight recognition, speaking opportunities and booth displays.
  • Listings in the national and local website database.
  • Networking opportunities at local chapter meetings and events as well as national public policy and annual conventions.
  • Access to Performance Teams, a free member support program providing you with a forum to give and get great business advice.
  • Reduced rates on local chapter meetings, seminars and events.
  • Reduced rates on business products and services available through NAWBO's national and local corporate partners.
  • Opportunity to hear quality speakers that offer significant business advice and helpful tips.

Click HERE to apply for membership. For more information contact us.

MEMBERSHIP TIERS     A membership level for all...
NAWBO Kansas City Chapter membership is open to sole proprietors, partners, and corporate owners with day-to-day management responsibility.  New or emerging business owners can join at a reduced rate to begin reaping the benefits of NAWBO while building their business.  Supporters/partners who are not currently an active business owner but who either wish to network with/provide resources to women business owners or who wish to become a woman business owner someday are also welcome as a Supporting Member. NAWBO Kansas City Chapter members reside in the greater Kansas City metro area.

Kansas City Chapter Annual Membership Tiers and Fees
I.  Introductory Member Level:  This category is designed for new members being introduced to the organization, irrespective of how long they’ve had their businesses.  Formerly known as the Emerging Member Level, we are removing the criteria that it is just for women in their first two years of business ownership.  This allows for a level of membership for new members looking for a less expensive entry level with reduced benefits.  If you are currently an Emerging Member, you will be transitioned to an Introductory Member category.     ($19.95 permonth)

II.  Premier Member Level:  This category allows members FULL access to NAWBO benefits.  Members in this category are  granted a myriad of affinity and other member benefits that are NOT available to Introductory members. To clarify – new members may join as Premier members if they wish to access these benefits; there is no requirement that they begin at the Introductory category. If you are currently an Established Member, you will be transitioned to the Premier Member category. ($29.95 per month)

III.  Supporting/Corporate Partner: Supporting members are not women business owners, but show their support for NAWBO by joining in this category.  Examples of this would be women who have sold their business, retired, or executive men and women who want to affiliate with NAWBO.  Supporting members have access to the same affinity and other member benefits as the Premier members. ($39.95 per month)

*NAWBO Definition of Business Owner
A business owner must a sole proprietor, commissioned agent, broker, independent contractor, shareholder in a corporation or consultant that:

  1. Is established as either a sole proprietor or self-employed, or is a partner in a Partnership, LLC or is an officer of a C Corporation or S Corporation, and
  2. Files a schedule C or F, received IRA Tax form 1099 from clients or files corporate or partnership tax returns, and
  3. In addition, the business owner must maintain an office (including home offices) or a business facility and must be involved in the policy-making process and overall day-to-day management of the business.

NOTE:  Membership in NAWBO is recorded in the name of the individual, not the organization.  All applicants are reviewed by a Membership Committee.  You will be notified within 30 days if your application has been accepted.  If accepted, your dues payment is non-refundable.  Your membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal Income Tax purposes.  In compliance with Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, it is estimated that only 6% of the payment in nondeductible as a business expense.